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  • Beschreibung:Vegetable Seeds,Green Pumpkin Seeds,Flesh Watermelon Seeds,Fresh Vegetable Okra Seeds,,
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Ningxia Bornstein Import & Export Co., Ltd

Vegetable Seeds,Green Pumpkin Seeds,Flesh Watermelon Seeds,Fresh Vegetable Okra Seeds,,

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Vegetable Seeds

Produktkategorie von Vegetable Seeds, wir sind spezialisierte Hersteller aus China, Vegetable Seeds , Green Pumpkin Seeds Lieferanten / Fabrik, Großhandel hochwertige Produkte von Flesh Watermelon Seeds R & D und Produktion, haben wir die perfekte After-Sales-Service und technische Unterstützung. Freuen Sie sich auf Ihre Mitarbeit!
China Vegetable Seeds Lieferanten

Vegetable seeds are used in the production of vegetable seeds, divided into conventional and hybrid seeds.Vegetables that conventional types of vegetables to grow itself through natural laws of seeds, vegetables hybrid seeds (general hybrid F1 generation of hybrid) is by using different features of plants (male and female parent) for their pollination, change its characteristics.

First, many varieties and complex.In science and technology is the first productive force and science and technology oriented market sense, such as policy, scientific research institutions, experts and scholars engaged in the work of agricultural breeding have mushroomed, new achievements and new varieties are created.The resulting problems, a species and strains are many, character difference is small, removing impurity harder when breeding, varieties of authenticity and purity is difficult to guarantee;Second, in many scientific research units and experts and scholars of breeding race, south guo is inevitable the sham as the genuine, some traits instability, poor adaptability, or no market with a production value of species, strain, misleading, interfere with the normal order of seed production and operation.So for buying vegetable seeds, should be on the basis of reputation good place.Buy formal cultivated seeds.

Second, the seeds and the seeds are similar, strong concealment on production.A similar appearance.And both in plant and seed itself, the difference between conventional seeds is not very big.So on the choice is very difficult to identify.Thus caused the insufficient understanding of seed and hurt production.Especially the base vegetables with particularly can't careless.

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